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Ep. 180: The Bob Quinn Breakdown

No, not like that. We broke down what Bob Quinn said.

The Detroit Lions’ fearless leader has made his mark on the NFL Combine. In just one day, he dropped a quote that was discussed on all of the national radio programs and forced a few uncomfortable conversations.

But was Quinn’s comment about Joe Mixon that bad? Was the logic behind it offensive? Nick and Brandon, per usual, don’t agree and waste no time staking out their positions.

Luckily, Quinn was also forthcoming in his answers to other questions. He struck a different pose than his coach did a couple of months ago, stating clearly that his team needs to add top-level talent, straying from last year’s credo about building depth.

Finally, Brandon makes a shocking admission about the combine. This is not an episode you’ll want to miss.


Ep. 179: Top 5 Power Moves for the Detroit Lions

Bill Barnwell of ESPN has spent the last couple of weeks outlining the five moves that every team should make this offseason. It’s hard to find a better jumping off point than that!

Brandon and Nick broke down each of Barnwell’s power moves in order. Should the Detroit Lions make Matthew Stafford’s extension the top priority despite his contract running through next season? And what about Ziggy Ansah? Should a large chunk of the salary cap be devoted to a player with one breakout season that’s been clouded by a high-ankle sprain?

And those are just the top two moves.

After breaking down Bill’s maneuvers, the guys gave out their top five moves of the offseason. And no, they didn’t agree on the priority of each move nor which moves should be included!

The offseason will bring us plenty of time to continue debating these types of topics. If there’s something you want us to discuss, let us know in the comments or on social media, and we’ll be sure to plug it into the calendar accordingly.

Ep. 178: A Full Platte

The guys were able to catch up with Kent Platte of in the latest episode of Detroit Lions Radio.

He broke down where the Lions stand regarding their offensive tackles and tight ends, as well as catching us up on the latest in the mock draft world. And you know he wasn’t shy about his draft opinions!

As always, we thank you for listening, spreading the word and leaving us a review wherever you listen.


Ep. 177: Free Agency Finds

The Detroit Lions can’t go shopping until early March. Hopefully, general manager Bob Quinn is getting his shopping list together and surely needs some help.

(Spoiler alert: I’m betting he already has. Just go with it.)

So the guys brought on Erik Schlitt from Detroit Jock City to lend a helping hand. He’s studied Quinn and the way the New England Patriots like to operate. And he’s broken down the numbers.

And he’s discovered the formula!

Well, he’s found some similarities that make a ton of sense and is tweaking his findings based on the available evidence.  That’s better than 73% of what you’ll find on Facebook. So he gave us his thoughts on where the Lions could be turning this offseason.

Plus, Nick made his long-awaited return! After one week off, he came back to pound the table for a cornerback and brought with him a few names he’d like to see Quinn sign.

As always, we thank you for listening an sharing with a friend. Please leave a review wherever you listen!


Ep. 176: Talking to Myself

Nick got stuck in a Dallas airport, so what’s a Detroit Lions podcast to do?

There was no pearl-clutching here. I knew what America needed: its weekly dose of Lions banter!

The less dramatic way to spin this is I did a 20-minute podcast on my own discussing the Lions new logo and what “bargain” free agents Detroit could target in March. Perhaps I should have led with that.

Before you get started, allow me to explain why bargain is in quotes. There’s no way of telling how the market is going to shape up this year. The salary cap should continue its steep rise, which means the market will be flooded with more available cash than worthy players. What was a bargain a couple years ago won’t be possible this offseason. It’s the same “problem” that the NBA had this past year.

So enjoy this one-man show. As always, we thank you for listening and taking the time to share with friends or family. Please leave a review wherever you listen to help us grow the show!


Ep. 175: Should Detroit Pursue a Big-Name Free Agent?

Will the Detroit Lions land Jason Pierre-Paul? Does Bob Quinn have the chutzpah (or insanity) to pursue Desean Jackson, Melvin Ingram or Dontari Poe?

That’s the big question on the guys’ minds this week. There’s plenty of time to dig into every little free-agency nuance that we’ll attack each podcast, but all we care about on this episode are the big fish.

First, however, Brandon got a chance to catch up with the SEC-country-trotting Jeff Risdon, who is down in Mobile, Alabama. He’s there observing Senior Bowl practices to get a better feel for the prospects and the coaching staffs. He dished about which players he saw Quinn watching, who the scouts are taking a particular shining to, and told us the player he’d most like to see in Honolulu blue in 2017.

The guys then set up their discussion about the biggest names on the market by recapping Detroit’s salary cap situation. The Lions are sitting in the middle of the pack in terms of cap space. They presumably have a megadeal on the horizon with Matthew Stafford that might alter the numbers slightly. Detroit also doesn’t have many options for clearing a ton of cap space.

Then the debate begins!

Let us know on social media who you think the Lions should target. Tell us if they should stick to the Bob Quinn credo of depth or look to make a splash this offseason.

As always, thanks for listening to the longest-running Detroit Lions podcast and sharing with a friend. Please leave us a review wherever you listen and give us a share on social media to help grow the show!


Ep. 174: Shrine Bowl Shining

We’re another week removed from the last Detroit Lions game, and it feels like its been months. The thirst for football is real. So is the struggle. And whatever else the kids are saying.

And just like a saying from yesteryear, Detroit Lions Radio believes the show must go on. Luckily, we were able to catch up with Jeff Risdon, who is at the Shrine Bowl.

Jeff and Brandon talked about the Lions staffers he’s been able to spot around practice, including one Bob Quinn. Who was Detroit’s general manager watching? Can you interpret how the team’s free agency approach will shake out from the information? Should you?

Probably not, but you will learn something new. A ton of players from Michigan are making noise down in St. Petersburg, with some familiar names creating new reputations (We see you De’Veon Smith). Plus, Jeff gives you his favorite pick of the litter to end up in Honolulu blue.

Then the guys shift gears to talk about what players may be leaving the Lions. Nick and Brandon broke down which free agents could and/or should be staying, and who will be sent packing. Spoiler alert: This team has a few places it could improve. Regardless of recent production, Detroit has to put loyalty aside.

Lastly, the guys also dug into the latest couching rumors. While Quinn has already declared that Jim Caldwell will be in charge in 2017, the head coach will receive no guarantees past next season. And there’s a certain New England Patriots assistant who has been linked to the Lions for 2018.

As always, we appreciate you folks listening. We’ll keep bringing a show every week through the offseason so long as you keep tuning in!


Ep. 173: Banter, Candor and Caldwell

The issue has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

The Detroit Lions finally ran out of gas or luck, depending on how you look at the season. The Wild Card winner bowed out quietly in Seattle, with the Seahawks gliding easily to 26-6 win.

It’s a sad way to end the season, but the show must go on with a complete breakdown of the loss. Did the defense do enough to keep this one close, or should you expect them to force a turnover? Should Matthew Stafford accept even a percentage point of blame for this loss? We sounded off on those issues a bit, and it was anything but somber.

This show is more about truth hopefully than anything else. And the truth is that this team wasn’t a great one, and it certainly wasn’t good enough to overcome its own mistakes on the road.

We eventually shifted gears to the future. You’re not going to find a full breakdown of each impending free agent with the top three replacement options via free agency and the draft. We’ve got a lot of offseason to burn. Those topics will come out in time.

Instead, we had a meandering conversation about where this team is and needs to go. The guys touched on topics affecting the team as a whole while drilling down on a few particularly interesting specifics. For instance, is Ameer Abdullah injury prone? How much work needs to be done on the offensive side of the ball? Would you be worried if either coordinator left or was dismissed?

So tune in and tune out because this podcast is the perfect way to kick off the long voyage until next season. The shows may not be as long as they were during the season, but we’ll continue to come out with shows weekly at least touching on the latest news and giving our opinions as warranted.

Thank you for  another great season of Detroit Lions Radio. Please continue sharing the show with friends and family, and please leave a review wherever you listen!


Ep. 172: Talking About Playoffs

The Detroit Lions are in the playoffs!

For all the dread over the last three losses (and there’s been plenty), the Lions are still headed to Seattle this week as a Wild Card participant. We felt it was only right that we made a podcast about it.

So that’s what we did.

Before we could jump into the Seahawks game, however, we had to revisit that crushing home loss to the Green Bay Packers. There were plenty of signs of hope. Zach Zenner did his thing again, and Detroit posted two touchdowns in the first half. But things started to unravel just before halftime with Aaron Rodgers finding Geronimo Allison (seriously) deep down the sideline.

Nick and Brandon (he’s back!) broke it all down with the help of the one and only Jeff Risdon (Real GM and Draft Breakdown). The guys discussed tackling, pass rushing, offensive hiccups and Detroit’s place in the NFC North pecking order. We even shoehorned in a discussion about what makes a successful season.

Plus, there was the news of Jim Caldwell’s job security. The head coach will be back for a fourth year, and the guys give their thumbs up or down.

Spoiler alert: They didn’t agree.

With all the business out the way, the guys welcomed Keith Myers of 12th Man Rising to preview the Saturday night matchup. The guest expert brought plenty of great insight, including how the Lions can stop Russell Wilson and put up some points on the notoriously stingy Seahawks.

There wasn’t a lot of optimism for Detroit, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. One pundit even predicts a scenario where Matthew Stafford could once again be holding the season in his slightly injured yet still capable hands.

As always, we thank you for listening and supporting the show. Please leave a review wherever you listen and share the show with a friend.


Ep. 171: One Last Charge into the Fray

Brandon wasn’t able to tape the show this week on account of sickness, but Nick and Kent Platte hardly noticed. And neither will you.

Those two broke down the tough Monday night loss to Dallas and handed out a few awards. The wide-ranging discussion eventually ended with the guys’ predictions for this week’s big matchup with Green Bay.

Can Detroit finally win an NFC North title? Can they toss the Packers monkey off their back? We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out, so you might as well kill time with the Internet’s longest-running Detroit Lions podcast.

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