Brandon hadn’t been around in a couple of weeks. Not only did he miss your favorite Detroit Lions podcast, he missed a ton of draft coverage while on his honeymoon.

And everything concerning the NFL draft changes daily. H had a lot to learn and more than a few questions for one of Pride of Detroit’s draft experts, Kent Platte.

The man behind the RAS (Relative Athletic Score) method of comparing draft prospects from an athletic angle was a keg of knowledge. Nick and Brandon tapped him quickly, asking for takes on some of the most recently mocked players.

Because while Kent does plenty of his own mocks, he also helps maintain its mock draft database. And he makes sure the tape and the numbers add up. Thus, he was the perfect recipient of the questions.

We started out with the defensive players who have been shooting up the ranks lately. Jarrad Davis from Florida, Charles Harris from Missouri and the versatile Tyus Bowser were conversation centerpieces. Plenty of tight ends were also discussed due to the crop available and Detroit’s depth chart. Then we rounded it all out with some surprising RAS stories that’ll leave you scratching your head.

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